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Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

May I know more details about the mechanical keyboard switches?

Here is the information about our available switches: (update)

Are the keyboards macOS compatible?

Yes, all the keyboards are compatible with macOS. The Mac replacement keycaps are included in the package.
*Please note that the firmware and driver need to be updated on Windows 10.

Does the keyboard have Mac keycaps?

Yes, all keyboards will be shipped with Mac keycaps by default.

Are F60 and Slim Series Keyboards wireless?

No, F60 and Slim series keyboards are wired keyboards.

Do you have layouts in other language?

We’re sorry that our keyboards are currently available in standard ANSI layout only. Please contact your local distributor to find IQUNIX in ISO layout.
*If you’re looking for a undeveloped ISO layouts in large demand, please contact our distribution team at [email protected].

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